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Custom tooling with unmatched precision 

We’re a global leader in custom tooling design and mould-making, giving our customers a proven advantage in the international

marketplace. Our knowledge, expertise, and access to the latest technology guarantee our ability to design and produce top quality

products at maximum conversion rates. 

Efficient, high quality mould-making  

In business, timing is critical. That’s why we take a streamlined approach to mould-making—taking your ideas through the concept, prototyping, and production-testing phases, in the shortest possible time.

A full-service approach

Our tooling design specialists will start the mould-making process by transforming your sketches or ideas into a part drawing or prototype sample for your approval. With every comprehensive proposal, we provide: 

  • a tool layout
  • production data
  • recommended materials

The tooling process ends with rigorous testing to confirm accuracy and reliability. We’ll also help prepare you for production at your own facility by providing detailed set-up instructions and technical support.